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My dream has always been to guide as many people through the difficult process of divorce as easily as possible. As a once overwhelmed divorcee, I remember not having the time to coordinate all my practical and emotional needs. So I have created the first of its' kind, one stop, coaching shop for anyone facing any life transition, divorce, or adversity. Our team of expert coaches specialize in, life coaching, divorce coaching, dating, career and even financial planners, so you can get all your needs met under one empathetic and supportive roof. With extensive experience in coaching and vast history of client success. Our combined coaching number is in the thousands. Each of us, bring out the best in you, we are the most positive and comprehensive coaching team around. Let the Dream Team, help you achieve the best possible life-you deserve.

Professionalism and Experience

As  professionally trained and experienced Life Coaches and experts in our fields. We have the tools and understanding to help you create the life you imagine and get a renewed sense of self. We can help you in every aspect aspect of  life, to feel vibrant and joyous.


Committing to your journey, with a life coach, enables you to feel nurtured, while together hatching a new life plan.  Our coaches and I are commitment to providing you with accountability, understanding, information and support while accomplishing lasting growth, and an amazing new life.

Meet our coaches

Tiffany Ann

Tiffany Ann is the founder of DreamsRecycled & a Certified Life Coach specializing in divorce. There are many ways to recycle your life, and Tiffany can guide you to a happier ever after. She has spoken to over 6000 divorces and contributes to huffington post, thrive, onmogul, and many more as an expert in divorce.

Dr Al

Dr Al is a Certified Life coach and has dedicated his life to helping those through adversity. Dr Al, a former chiropractor turned life coach, brings his Robbin-Madanes Training to the team. Dr Al, is also a single Dad who understands first hand how transition can affect someone, he is dedicated to guiding  you to the best possible post divorce life.


Kerry is a Certified Divorce Coach and is also the founder of the Divorce Response Team, she has been helping divorcees dream huge for over a decade. Let Kerry show you the way to a bright future. Kerry understands your needs as a fellow divorcee and parent, and is a kind empathetic listener to all her clients.  


Laura is a Dating Expert and  Relationship Coach.  After 10yrs practicing law, she created a company to help singles find love. As a divorcee Laura knows exactly what it is like to start over, and loves helping people transition back into the dating culture, giving them the skills they need to date with confidence.


Daniel is the founder of evolutioneats a health and fitness lifestyle. He guides and holds his clients accountable for their health choices and helps them eliminate and rid themselves of bad habits for good. He is a great coach and loves to see his clients succeed in reaching their health and weight goals.


Matt is a health coach and partner of Evolutioneats. His unique coaching skills will help you reach your goals. Whether you want to get back in shape, or want to take your fitness level to the next level he can help you reach those goals. 

Career Coaching

Bill and Barbara both help our clients navigate their way through career changes and transitions. Bill helps those shine in any career field, while Barbara specializes in helping those return to the workforce, after divorce or being a stay at home parent.

Financial Planners

 One of the least serviced areas of adversity is financial planning, we aren't great at really making long term financial goals, especially under duress. Our financial specialists are in all 50 states and are here to guide you.

Coaching Packages

What makes us unique is that within each coaching package you have a choice of multiple experts in their field all in one place. We all know everyones needs are different, so fill them exactly as you wish, creating a coaching plan as unique as you are.

Coaching Packages

All Coaching Sessions Zoom Video. Contact us for pricing.



"You are a very encouraging person to speak, you helped me and my children immensely through the divorce process. You healed my soul and I am eternally grateful for your guidence." CT, CA

Dr. Al

"What can I say about Dr.Al except he was a joy to work with, his empathy and guidance in my darkest times really helped make my divorce process more bearable and I am sure shortened my healing cycle". FT, MN


"Thank you Kerry, working with you during my Divorce saved me attorneys fees, prepared me every step of the way and kept me on track, Kerry was also great at helping with the decision making processes needed throughout our divorce", CK GA


"In the first conversation with Laura, it was clear why I wanted to work with her. Her energy, charisma, wisdom, passion, guidance, gentle accountability, deep awareness and love for others. Laura really delivered big results". V, TN


"Working with Bill was a great pleasure and extremely effective. The Process was thorough, thoughtful, and extremely professional. I would recommend working with Bill as a vital step in achieving your goals" GH, NY


"I like many married people had put my health on the back burner during my marriage. Matt really helped me find my worth, keep me accountable for my health and nutrition choices and help me achieve my new post divorce body and healthy lifestyle", KR, CA


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